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How do custom orders work?

Since it's extremely difficult (and super expensive) to make just a couple of each of your desired flavors and colors of macarons, I do my special orders in batches of 24 macarons with the choice of 1 color and 1 or 2 fillings. I can do many designs on one batch as well according to a theme (pictured right). Please look over my form before placing an order under my SPECIAL ORDER tab.


How do you store macarons?

Macarons are best enjoyed at room temperature but should be kept in the fridge for up to a week. Macarons also freeze really well, just make sure they're in an air tight container and come fully to room temp before enjoying... otherwise they are crunchy and hard.


Will you make me 
a cake?

Yeah! I can make you a cake, cupcakes, cookies, really anything you want (I like a challenge). My preferred style of cake decorating is traditional piping work, feminine designs and colors, using fresh flowers to decorate, and really anything a little avant-garde.) I would love to use my creative freedom to make a special and unique cake for you! You can place orders for cakes HERE.

What do you sell at markets?

I sell my macarons at the Lake St. Louis Farmers and Artisans Markets between April and October. I typically attend every other weekend, and most holidays, but to be sure, check my social media when I will be attending, I usually post about it the Friday before the market on Saturday. I don't allow pre-orders so macaron flavors are on a first-come-first-serve basis. I bring 6 different flavors each time I attend, just to switch it up, so if there is a flavor you liked, get it before it's gone (I usually repeat my popular flavors).

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Are your macarons gluten free?

Yes, traditionally macarons are gluten free since they are made with almond flour. But sometimes I use an ingredient that contains gluten in the filling which does not make it gluten free anymore. I will indicate that on all my flavor lists. My macarons are made in a facility that is NOT gluten free certified. If you have a tree nut allergy, macarons are NOT safe to consume.

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